Who I Am

I'm an experienced UX leader and design instructor possessing over 20 years of expertise designing easy-to-use, visually appealing websites and mobile apps.

I utilize my dedication, drive, and strong observation skills to identify and solve user’s problems by synthesizing user-centered design from consumer insights, data analytics, user research, and business requirements. My sole focus is to create simple to use, fast loading, high-impact sites, web apps, and mobile apps.

What I Do



User Research

Information Design

User Interface Design

Design Instruction

How I Can Help You

Project/Process Planning & Management

Conduct user research in a variety of ways including watching users in their environment to help discover their most pressing needs.

Identify User Needs

Proven ability to significantly increase conversion rates of digital initiatives.

Conduct User Research

Experience conducting stakeholder, user, and contextual interviews, surveys, competitive analysis and usability audits, and usability testing.

Audit Existing Products

Perform an expert assessment to see how well the product is performing versus industry standards.

Perform Usability Testing

Setup and conduct usability testing sessions to discover how well a design is actually performing as well as what users really think.

Design Solutions

Synthesize research findings to create site maps, process flows, wires, and prototypes to test ideas before significant money is invested.

Enhance Visual Attractiveness

Bring the product to life by designing a clean and visually appealing interface while making sure the most important information stands out.

Increase Conversion

Proven ability to significantly increase conversion rates of digital initiatives

Partner with Developers

Design and help build a Design System to provide interaction patterns, code snippets, and branding rules to speed up the process and ensure consistency.

Deliver Engaging Instruction

Strong communicator who is able to share knowledge by engaging students with humor, creative lessons, and a strong classroom presence.

My Clients

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